Pictogram room


Pictogram Room tool is an AR software that:

  • Includes a set of 80 activities specially designed for training young students with autism in body knowledge, body postures, pointing and imitation.

  • Is highly customizable to fit with each student’ preferences, audio-visual reinforcers and pace of learning;

  • Can be used playfully and inclusively, including other typically developing peers in the process of learning;

  • Trains new skills in a real context to facilitate generalisation.

Pictogram Room is an augmented reality software designed to respond to a series of needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through a set of free downloadable leisure-educational activities. It contains 80 activities to facilitate the development of body knowledge, body postures, pointing and imitation and other critical skills in the development of children with ASD.

Pictogram Room uses a camera-projector system and a motion recognition system to reproduce the player's image by augmenting it with a series of graphic and musical elements. In addition, this software allows the use of pictograms superimposed on real objects to help people with autism to identify the connection between real image and pictogram in real time. In this way, we get a tool that allows to work in a playful way from the most real and direct visual representation to a more iconic conception that allows to approach abstract concepts. All of this serves to guide and facilitate learning.

The games of the Pictograms Room have been designed to maximise the strengths of people with autism, and are organised according to their pedagogical objective: Individual work, Interaction with the educator, Self-awareness, Attention, Imitation and Communication. All activities have a common structure and can be played with one or two players (pupil-educator). In addition, different aspects of these activities can be customised (both visually and operationally).

ARBIT project counts on the collaboration of Orange Foundation Spain, that has fully funded the development of the new version of Pictogram Room with an agreement signed on December 2019 between this organisation and UVEG (Valencia University)

So, the new version of Pictogram Room will be a free software for different operating systems (including macOS, Windows and Linux) and different depth sensors currently available on the market.