Adaptation and personalisation of the Augmented Reality tool named PICTOGRAM ROOM to be used by the students of the three participating schools, to define protocols for this adaptation that can be replicated elsewhere and to run a research study to test its efficacy on training those students on body knowledge, pointing and imitation (Output 1 (O1) Research).

ARBIT project also aims to develop teacher training materials and produce a MOOC to improve teacher competences in the field of imitation and autism through the use of available AR technologies (Output 2 (O2) MOOC).

About the efficacy of the AR Tool “Pictogram Room”.

On Augmented Reality Technologies applied to autism.

In order to do this effectively, it will be necessary to run a training action teaching project participants on research protocols and on the use of Pictogram Room. This will be one of the most important cross-cutting objectives of the project.


  • To apply the knowledge and experience we will obtain in this project to the students of the participating schools.

  • To increase the implementation of up to date technological resources (such as Augmented Reality Technologies) to enhance personal development for learners with autism and/or learning difficulties.

  • To contribute to the transformation of autism-specialized schools and autism units within mainstream schools progressively into digital schools, to be consistent with changes occurring in mainstream education.

  • To improve the social and family positive perception of the abilities of learners with autism, and develop an appreciation of the potential benefits of technology than can also be applied at home.

  • To create and consolidate a network of experts that work from different fields to provide support for people with autism, also using innovative technologies, to facilitate their social inclusion.

  • To share the knowledge and expertise in using IT with people with autism in different countries.

  • To create free and open content, that can later be transferred to other countries to help families and people working or living with students with autism all over Europe and the world.

  • Having all the project results available in Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Turkish and English will be a facilitator for this aim.

These objectives are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4): Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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