ARBIT´s Project

ARBIT is an European project that aims to explore the applicability of an innovative augmented reality (AR) system, called Pictogram Room

It is designed to facilitate the training of basic skills for the development of body language and imitation in students with autism and intellectual disability. Both skills are considered essential to promote social competence, an area of high difficulty for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Thus, the ARBIT project proposes a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of the Pictogram Room tool and the development of educational content for teachers who wish to use this system, creating a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Who we are

The ARBIT project will be implemented by a partnership of 9 organisations. These organisations come from diverse backgrounds - both national and cultural - and have a wide range of expertise.  

The project coordinator, the University of Valencia, will work in close collaboration with all the other partners: EPHE University (France), three schools (TREBOL (Spain), ASSOCIATION AUTISM (Bulgaria) and KARATAY (Turkey), two regional public teacher training institutions (CFIE AVILA (Spain), KONYA IL MEM (Turkey), a regional society for autism (FEDERACION AUTISMO CASTILLA Y LEON (Spain), and a national foundation for technology and autism (ADAPTA).  These organisations form a partnership that works with the external collaboration of the ORANGE FOUNDATION.


ARBIT Project aims to… 

Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to reduce disparities in access and participation of all students in formal and non-formal education. 

Through working for an improvement of some basic skills (body Knowledge, joint attention and imitation) in people which ASD, which are essential for the development of social competences, and thus the full exercise of their rights. 

Through the implementation and evaluation of technology-based educational practices to foster the participation of children with autism, and subsequently, through the design and transfer of quality educational protocols based on these strategies.

The purposes of this project are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4- QUALITY EDUCATION).


Research study about the efficacy of the an AR Tool Know as “Pictogram Room”. 

MOOC on Augmented Reality Technologies applied to autism.

Multiplier events to disseminate the project results. 

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