EIGHTh INTERNATIONAL meeting of ARBIT´s project in KONYA

On May 22nd, 2023, the partners of the Arbit Project (Augmented reality for body schema, pointing and imitation training in autism) an initiative co-funded by the European Commission, have met to analyze the results and draw conclusions on the improvement of the development of body awareness, joint attention and imitation skills in students with autism and intellectual disabilities. 

The Turkish partners, the Karatay Ozel Egitim Uygulama School and the Konya Provincial National Education Directorate Association, have been in charge of welcoming them to the city of Konya. 

The meeting has been held at Karatay Özel Eğitim Uygulama School. In the first part of the day, the partners discussed the presentation of the MOOC, the new structure of the contents, the work done so far and the translation of the contents into other languages of the project partners. They then discussed the conclusions drawn from the Arbit's research work and outlined the future lines of work in the project. 

The partners then took a short mid-morning break. The second part of the meeting focused on reviewing financial issues related to the Project. In addition, the Federación Autismo de Castilla y León explained the impact and repercussion generated in social networks and the media, and the future lines of dissemination for the communication and sustainability of the Project were projected.

You can follow the progress of the project on their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube profiles and subscribing to their newsletter: here