Third event multiplier of the Arbit project in Valladolid

The third Multiplier Event was held in Valladolid (Spain) on 30 May 2023, with the participation of around 100 local attendees from different schools and institutions of the region of Castilla y León.

The conference has been inaugurated by Miguel Ángel de Casas, President of the Federación Autismo Castilla y León and of the Confederación Autismo España, and by Enrique Cubero, President of the Consejo Económico y Social de Castilla y León. After the inauguration, the coordinator of the project, Gerardo Herrera, President of Autismo Ávila and researcher in IRTIC of the University of Valencia, has presented the objectives and main results of the project. And he has made a demonstration of the Pictogram Room software developed for the project.

Patricia Pérez, from the Adapta Foundation, analysed the results of the impact of the tool on the skills of body awareness, joint attention and imitation of 23 students with ASD from Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey. Afterwards, Arturo López from Autismo Ávila, spoke about the application of the Pictogram Room in the school context and in teacher training.

After these presentations, it was the turn of Jacqueline Nadel from France, who explained the imitation and its importance in the development of autism. The last presentation of the day was made by Gerardo Herrera and Arturo López, to present the MOOC "About augmented reality for the development of imitation in autism", addressed to the educational community.

Finally, the representatives of the partner organisations answered the questions raised by the participants. And the person in charge of closing the multiplier event was Jesús Manuel Hurtado, Secretary General at the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Castilla y León.

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